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Billboard Campaign

Dear Pro-Life Friends:

We are so grateful for the prayers and support you have generously given to help God's forgotten "Little Ones."

Dear friends, our Media Mission is unique. For over 19 years our focus has been the unchanged Education through the media - primarily billboards. We're reaching a wide audience with vital information. Our goal is to change hearts by creating an "atmostphere of Life" in addition to offering - through our 800# Hotline for Help - atlernatives and assistance to those in need.

Let's remember who does not want us to continue this important outreach. The advocates for abortion who profit from the slaughter of God's innocent little one's of course. Let us together then, for the sake of the mothers and babies in need, recommit ourselves in 2011 to this Media Mission - reaching out to those who may not be reached in any other way!

Mother Teresa said that Christ often appears in distressing disguise. What is more distressing, my friends, than a defenseless "little one" threatened by abortion, or a frightened mother in need of assistance and alternatives?

Remember too, our ads may be the only visible sign of hope and help to someone on the brink of an abortion decision.

As you can see, Dear Friends, our message is one mixed with a plea for help and also great joy, as we celebrate the special mission God has allowed us to do in His name.

We ask for your generous support, not for ourseleves, but on behalf of His most defenseless "Little Ones."

As you know, PROLIFE Across AMERICA Billboards do more than advertise. Our 800# Hotline posted on every ad, connects callers with life-saving alternatives and assistance, as well as post-abortion services.

PROLIFE Across AMERICA ads may be the only visible sign of Hope and Help to someone on the brink of an abortion decision. It's proven and it works. Hearts are changing and babies' lives saved!

Do our Billboards touch hearts? Here are some examples!

"I didn't know what to do or where to turn. And then I saw your ad and called. Thank you for being there!" Caller

"I wish I had know the real facts about the baby before I had the abortion. I live in torment. Is there help for me?" Caller

"I work at a crisis pregnancy center. Your billboard is just down the street from where we are located. This is so needed." Caller

This is Baby Elijah who will remind viewers the "I could dream" as early as "17 weeks from conception."

Yes, my dear friends, we may never know of the women and babies saved as a result of the Media Mission - a Billboard outreach to those in need of information and alternatives. Sadly, over one million mothers each year are pressured and coerced to "choose" abortion to an untimely pregnancy.

This is Baby Nathan who will help tell viewers "Dad says I'm the CEO of the House - A new Human Life begins at Conception."


All specially designed to capture attention and hearts. Here are PROLIFE Across AMERICA'S newest themes:

"I could dream before I was born! 17 weeks from conception" With Baby Elijah

"Dad says I'm the CEO of the House - A new Human Life begins at Conception." With Baby Nathan

Grandpa says I'm a Looker! Baby's Eyes begin to develop 14 days from Conception" With Baby Luke.

Here's why PROLIE Across AMERICA Billboards and ads are to vital!

Even in Today's world - with all of the technology and ultra sound imaging available, many are not aware of the simple facts about the development of a baby before birth, OR where to go for assistance and alternatives to abortion.

Unfortunately, many young mothers succumb to abortion because of the influence of others, without having an opportunity to know the facts or that alternatives are available. As a result, 4000 babies die by abortion each day in America - over 1.3 million each year!

Statistics reveal that a majority of women who seek abortion say they "did it to please someone else" - boyfriends, parents, school counselors, well meaning friends. PROLIFE Across America Billboards and ads are designed to reach those individuals most likely to influence a vulnerable pregnant woman.

If we don't tell them and offer Hope and Help - through our 800# Hotline - who will? Certainly not abortionists or Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion establishment in the world, which stands to profit with every abortion decision!

This is Baby Luke who will help remind viewers: "Grandpa says I'm a Looker! Baby's Eyes begin to develop 14 days from Conception."

Sad to say, today's America is surrounded by a "culture of death" mentality which advocates disposal of anything or anyone not wanted. Human Life is no longer viewed as a "gift from God" - sacred and deserving of protection.

Little wonder that in today's America there is more unhappinesss, child abuse, teen suicide, homicide, divorce, depression and death than any nation on earth. Public prayer, marriage, the family unit, and the tiniest of human life itself, has less protection than "mother earth" or the most insignificant of animals.

Please send whatever you can! Help launch THREE new Billboards featuring Babies Elijah, Luke, and Nathan. Help bring the Truth and alternatives to those in need. Thank you for your support and anything you can send at this time.

May God bless you,

Matt & Georgene Ulrich



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